Distribution Channels

Pharmacies, Clinics and Hospitals

Medical care products are frequently available at pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. These establishments provide an extensive array of items and individualized services to assist you in reaching your health objectives.

Prince Régent Charles Hospital
One of the largest hospitals in the country, offering various medical services.
Kamenge University Hospital

A major teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Burundi, providing medical education and healthcare services.

Roi Khaled Hospital

A hospital that provides a range of medical services to the local population.

Kira Hospital
A private hospital known for its medical services and facilities.
Kibuye Hope Hospital
A missionary hospital that offers medical services to the local community.
Gitega Provincial Hospital

A major hospital serving the Gitega Province with various medical services.

Ngozi Central Hospital
A central hospital providing medical services to the Ngozi Province.
Kirundo Hospital
A hospital serving the Kirundo Province with medical care.

Retail Stores

Personal care products are commonly found in supermarkets, drugstores, beauty supply shops, and other retail outlets. These stores offer a wide range of products from different brands.

Ets Makara Supermarket

This is one of the well-known supermarkets in Burundi, offering a variety of products including groceries, household items, and more.

Mu Duwurashuri Supermarket

Another prominent supermarket in Burundi that provides a range of products and services to consumers.

City Plaza

 City Plaza is a shopping center that houses various stores, including supermarkets and retail outlets.

Wholesale Distributors

Distributors play a crucial role in supplying personal care products to retailers. They purchase products in bulk from the company and then distribute them to small mid-size outlets across the country. The company is working with 5 major wholesalers. that sales to small shops, Kiosks , as well as to small size distributors in the rural side
1. DRC

The company sale to a big wholesalers and Distributors in east Congo

Beauty Salons and Spas

Higher-end personal care products, particularly those related to skincare and beauty, might be distributed through salons and spas.

Pharmacies and Health Stores

Products that have a medicinal or health-oriented aspect, such as skincare products with specific therapeutic properties, might be distributed through pharmacies or health-focused stores.

Local Markets

In some areas, personal care products might be sold at local markets or informal trading areas.

2. Leading open markets

The Company sale to big open markets

Bujumbura Central Market

Located in the capital city, Bujumbura, this is one of the largest and most well-known markets in the country. It offers a wide range of goods including fresh produce, clothing, handicrafts, electronics, and more.

Gitega Central Market

Gitega is another major city in Burundi and it also has a central market where locals buy and sell various goods.

Rural Markets

Throughout the country, you’ll find smaller rural markets in different towns and villages. These markets play a crucial role in local economies and provide a platform for farmers and artisans to sell their products.

Art and Craft Markets

Burundi is known for its traditional handicrafts and artisanal products. Some markets specialize in selling these items, including pottery, baskets, jewelry, and wood carvings.

Food Markets

Fresh produce and food items are sold in various markets across the country, offering a variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables, grains, and more.

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